Thursday, December 8, 2011

Courtable Courts

Since nothing has been posted for long, I have recycled something that was on the 'Conventies' group on Orkut (No, I did not have to go to the museum to retrieve it!).

We lived with so many beliefs, stories, and lines that they formed an important part of our growing up years. Presented below are some of the lines that I remember. Please feel free to add your own. Also, if any of you think you have something to post in this blog to keep it from dying, please let me know so I can add you as authors on the blog.

So here comes the list...

1) "Dont talk while I'm writing on the board.i can see u.I've got eyes at the back of my head too"
-Sheshukumari mam, inspiration for the character of "Severus Snape"

2) "Sai Rama....are you a rakshasha?"
-Vimla aunty, if she caught u fighting..

3) "Rascals,jingoists,lying leprechauns,mentally retarded morons,half-wit vagabonds......"
-Anantalakshmi mam, famed author of "Thesaurus of Insults for kids,part-1,2,3.

4) "Go bite......"
-Bull amma, Professional Tyrant.

5) "#*@!&$ *&%!@$"
-Bull amma, if u happened to enter the dorm when she was mopping.

6) "Aaahh...amma,sorry amma,please amma,aaahhhh....."
-You, if u still dared to enter the dorm!!!

7) "Shameless donkey!Go to class 5 and learn 7 table...."
-Manorathi mam, winner of "Best Pincher in the World Award-2006"

8) "I am 75 years old and still I can dance.."
-Tall Viju mam, in 1996

9) "I am 75 years old and still I can dance.."
-Tall Viju mam,in 1998

10) "I am 75 years old and still I can dance.."
-Tall Viju mam, in 2000

11)"Sai Rama......"
-Tulasi amma. (only thing she ever said)

12)"Dont eat chewing gums.They are made of pigs' tails"
-(again) Anantalakshmi mam

13)"..............?.........!.................. ?"
-Valli amma (never heard or understood anything she said"

14)"Dirty boy,talking dirty things?Get out of here,dirty...."
-Uma mam, Runner up in the "Best pincher in the world awards-2006",who always mistook my name to be "Dirty Ranjan"

15)"Amma ledu,Bomma Ledu....."
-Ram Tulasi amma, when u asked her to mix a little cold water in the tub during bath(still dunno what it means)

16)"...Rakshash, Pishachi, Goonda, Jaanvar........."
-Shashi mam, owner of the only garden in the world in which plants grow even they are given more milk than water!!!

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